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Pawhuska means “white hair” in the language of the Osage People. The owner of this site has white hair and this site could mean where the white haired man meets the world and vice-versa.


Pawhuska is also a town in Oklahoma (named for the Osage Chief of the same name) and the county seat of Osage County. Osage County is the second largest county (area wide) in the nation. You can find out about some of the things going on here at the City’s official webpage, and also at the local Chamber of Commerce’s site.


Pawhuska is the home of the Osage Nation – an indigenous people, often called “Native American” or “Indian” by those who are not a part of an indigenous people. The Osage Nation has a proud and strong heritage. You can find out more at the official Osage Tribe website.


Pawhuska is the home of the very first Boy Scout troop in the United States. The troop was affiliated with Lord Baden Powell’s scouts in England. It was not the first Boy Scouts of America troop. It was founded by the episcopal priest in May 1909. You can find out more about our local heritage through the Osage County Historical Society Museum. There is more information at the Museum about how the oil industry and cattlemen impacted and shaped this part of the country.


Pawhuska is also the home of the Tall Grass Prairie Preserve where Bison roam freely, and one of our local celebrities – Ree Drummond who always has something good cooking. Don’t miss her TV show on the Food Network!


Leave a comment if you want to share about your experiences in Pawhuska. Thank you for visiting Pawhuska Dot Com on the World Wide Web!


Where is Pawhuska, Oklahoma?

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7 thoughts on “About Pawhuska”

  1. I was watching Ree’s show and she was shopping at a supply store. I think it was called The Stock Pot. Where is it located , Pawhuska, Bartlesville or Tulsa? I’m from southeast Ks.

    1. The only information I have has to do with a Stock Pot school in Tulsa. She may be able to get her supplies through them. The web address is: click here! Michael

  2. I visited Pawhuska July 9th. Unfortunately didn’t get there till 5 pm as we were on our way to Kansas City. Came specifically to see the Drummond’s project in the building downtown. The weather was turning and we didn’t get too much opportunity to enjoy this quaint town. We headed out to Bartlesville before the weather turned. Loved that town also. Being from CA and tired of the changes there your beautiful quiet town was so refreshing.

  3. I love pioneer woman. The Drummond family seem like really good people. They are such hard workers and down to earth.

    1. Thanks for your comment, Deede. Ree and her family are among our favorite people. We are neighbors to part of her family and have always enjoyed their involvement in the neighborhood.

  4. Could you please enclose a map of Oklahoma (entire state) with a dot or mark of some kind so we can see where you are in relationship to the entire state. That would be very helpful. Thank you.

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