Vyve Upgrades Pawhuska TV and Internet

‎Friday, ‎August ‎3, ‎2018

Pawhuska, OK USA

I started out this morning intending to look over the new services made available to our town by Vyve Internet. I met with the regional VP of operations, Ken, at the community center. I had a lot of questions, and if he didn’t have the answers, he brought a technician in on our conversation. He was extremely helpful.

I have to say that I’ve had some reservations about what this company had to offer because of the past history of the different names associated with our Cable TV / Internet company.

Before this week, Vyve offered SD TV on a limited number of channels. Their internet capabilites were not up to the current needs of most people, let alone an experienced internet / network technician like myself. I e-mailed the corporate office about that several times over the past couple of years. Ken seemed to remember one of them.

This week’s rollout of 105 Mbps internet along with the HD Television services brought much needed upgrades to our community. The limited basic is now a full CATV offering of the broadcast channels that are available over the air if you have a tall enough antenna and enough coaxal amplifiers. I’m grateful I don’t have to put one up – I don’t need the lightening strikes – and they’ve put in fiber optic to their neighborhood nodes and new amplifiers where needed.

The channels are clear and all the channels that are HD have a full HD picture on your TV screen. Even those channels that are broadcast in SD are sharp and clear now. Most folks will prefer to have the channels offered in the Basic package as well as some of the other packages they now have available.

For internet, the package they offered this past week of 105Mbps for $39.95 a month is really a bargain. The package makes the assertion that the price to you will not change for one year. At the end of each year, the price will increase by only $10.00 a month for the next year until you reach the retail price for the plan which is $109 a month. That is still a very competitive price for the 105Mbps and it will take about 7 years to get there. You, however, are not under any contract and may cancel with no penalties at any time should you be dissatisfied for any reason.

My personal experience was terrific. The day I ordered the package it was installed and working perfectly the same day. Because the team was in town to upgrade all the current customers to High Definition TV boxes, I had 3 technicians working quickly to get me connected. One on the pole, running a new wire. I had no cable to the house, but that was resolved in a hurry. One on the outside, and one tech on the inside running wire to the new modem. They left after everything was up and running.

My transition to Vyve was very transparent on my end. All I needed to do was plug in my devices to their modem, whether by wire or by wifi. A technician was handy in case I needed help. I didn’t need very much, though, and before long I only had 1 computer on my old connection.

With a terabyte of data a month, everyone in the house should be able to do all the streaming and I can maintain my 5 websites better. The first weekly update I did today to one of them went much faster. Uploads of pictures and information has never been so quick. The speed that I’ve experienced so far is worth every penny – even at the full regular price.

All in all, I’m completely satisfied with the experience and look forward to pushing the limits over this next month. By then, I may let go of my old internet provider completely!


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