Casey’s to Open Thursday

Our newest neighbor, Casey’s General Store at the intersection of Highway 99 and U.S. 60 (Main Street), will be opening at 6 am on Thursday April 26, 2018.

Previous reports from Casey’s corporate offices said they would be open the last week of April, then by April 27th.

I dropped by to visit with Angela, a supervisor at the new store. Casey’s will bring some good options to Pawhuska. They will have some baked goods, pizza and some of the standard fare for corner convenience markets.

The Grand Opening will be on May 11th and 12th. There will be quite a few special offers during this event.

I hope everyone can make some time to drop by and say hi starting at 6:00 am tomorrow.

2 thoughts on “Casey’s to Open Thursday

  1. Yes, this is Joanne, I visited the store the other day, and it was great!. Glad you could build on the Osage Reservation. I also need employment, is there any way you could send a link to application process.
    With Respect,
    Joanne Warrior (Patterson)

  2. Joanne, Of course Pawhuska Dot Com is not Casey’s, but we’re glad they’ve built their store here. Always grateful for more employment opportunities here in Pawhuska. Speaking of which – their website has information about careers at Casey’s General Store and opportunities in each of their service areas. Here’s the link – . Thanks for your comment.

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