ALCO Stores Prepare to Close

On November 21, 2014 Alco Stores corporate office announced they would be clearing out their inventory and shuttering all the 198 stores. Gift certificates and store credits will be honored through Thursday, December 4, 2014.

The previous week, the store chain had announced Chapter 11 bankruptcy procedures. They had intended to keep their stores open while they were restructuring.

We are sorry to see this local business close down, and hope the current retail businesses in our area make room for Alco’s former employees.


(You can refer to an article by ABC News here.)

(The Alco Store Website is here.)


Veteran’s Day 2014

Veterans – thank you for serving your country.  We remember and honor your service this November 11, 2014.

For the rest of us – if you happen to see a veteran while you’re out and about going through your day, please take the time to tell them, “Thank you!”


Keep John Kane

Tuesday Election 11/4/14

Yes, this is a post to my journal for the election coming tomorrow.

I have known John Kane for well over 10 years. I knew him first as a lawyer in Pawhuska, and occasionally assisted him with professional technical support. I’ve known him as a judge since his election years ago. And as a remarkable guitarist and very good singer.

I very highly recommend Judge Kane be retained. Osage County is honored to have a man of  his character and integrity serve its citizens in district court.

Please get out and vote this Tuesday, and please, let’s keep John Kane as our district judge.



Buffalo Joe’s Moved

The folks in Pawhuska watched as the Pizza Hut closed.  There were a lot of rumors and some gossip. After the dust settled, we found out the real story.

Buffalo Joe’s will be open in their new location at 6 a.m. on Thursday June 5, 2014.  We look forward to sharing more later.



Memorial Day 2014

To ensure the sacrifices of America ’s fallen heroes are never forgotten, in December 2000, the U.S. Congress passed and the president signed into law “The National Moment of Remembrance Act.” The commission is to “encourage the people of the United States to give something back to their country, which provides them so much freedom and opportunity.”

From their recommendations, we encourage all Americans to pause wherever they are at 3 p.m. local time on Memorial Day for a minute of silence to remember and honor those who have died in service to the United States of America.



9th Street Fire

On the evening of May 9th 2014, a house on 9th street caught fire. I passed by as the fire fighters were knocking down the flames. It appeared to have started in the front north west corner of the home.

I went by the fire station on the 10th to check out the report. There wasn’t any injuries due to the fire. The owners were at the hospital (out of town) and it appeared as though the fan in the front window had started the blaze.

I was grateful to find out there were no injuries, and the firemen quickly contained the fire and put it out.




The Backyard – An Interview

It was wonderful to meet with the owners of The Backyard restaurant today. Located on 205 Main Street in Pawhuska, I sat down and talked with Sergio (Gino) and Lily.

Gino came to us from Miami. He’s the main chef and owner. He learned his trade by managing a restaurant and steak-house.  He started cooking at home as a child. His family couldn’t keep him out of the kitchen.

Why is he in Pawhuska? That is the beginning of this story. Gino was a prize fighter, and fought for the world championship in welterweight boxing in 2000. He was 18, and very young for that career. The fight went to decision and the previous champion retained his title by 1 point. In a later fight, Gino broke his arm and was unable to continue as a boxer.

While he was prize fighting, though, he saved up. His mom, Odessa, taught him to save as much as he could from every job he had. She came with him and is helping him in his restaurant.

Gino met Lily, a young lady from Pawhuska, and came out on a vacation to meet her family here. He fell in love with the town and stayed.

At first the young couple considered buying a house in Skiatook. Then Gino saw a sign on main street – the Midway Cafe was up for sale. Thinking things through, he put everything he had into the restaurant. That way, instead of having a mortgage and working for someone else, he could work for himself and eventually get a home for he and Lily. Also, he has a positive impact on Pawhuska’s economy, employing 10 people at the restaurant.

It is a lot of work. His day starts around 5:30 am and the cleaning is done at night after 10 pm. This is his schedule 6 days a week. Taking inventory, doing the ordering and getting supplies, opening the restaurant, being there for breakfast and lunch. He’s grateful to have 2 other chefs for the morning and lunch shifts. Then he’s the chef until closing at 9 pm. Sunday he gets a little break by closing at 3:00 pm.

Breakfast is served all day long, and the food is really wonderful. If you haven’t stopped by, come by and meet our newest Pawhuska business.

Congratulations on your opening; Sergio, Lily, Odessa and all the crew at The Backyard restaurant, serving Cuban cuisine.


p.s. If you want to know Sergio’s last name, drop by and ask him while you order a meal – Mike.


The Backyard – Now Open

We welcome a new restaurant at 205 Main Street in Pawhuska.

The Back Yard serving Cuban Cuisine is now open!

They serve breakfast all the time and are open at 6 am daily. Monday through Saturday they’re open until 9 pm, and they close at 3 pm on Sunday.

They are not fast food, but worth the wait for the wonderful cuisine they serve.

I’ll interview the owners in a later article.




5K Run

The Osage Nation Health and Wellness Division is sponsoring the 2014 5K Annual Run for the Health of it.

The race begins at 8 am on May 3rd starting at the Ben Johnson Cultural Park. There is a $20 cost.

The Fun Run begins at 8:30 am.

Register early at 604 Kihekah, or call 918-287-5267.

Come join in the Fun!

Submitted by Gail Boe.

 5K logo


City of Pawhuska Ambulance

New Ambulance Membership Program

Under consideration on April 7, 2014 at the City of Pawhuska council meeting is a proposal to enroll all utility service customers in the Pawhuska Ambulance Membership Program. Tentatively it would cost $4 a month and would cover all medically necessary ambulance transport by Pawhuska EMS for each permanent member of the enrolled household.

There would be no out-of-pocket expense and the fee would be added to the monthly utility bill.  There is no need for action if this is acceptable for the household. If the customer wants to make a change or opt out of this service, contact with the City of Pawhuska’s Utility Customer Service department is required by calling or visiting their office in city hall between May 1st through the 30th of this year. After the 30th any changes to your plan will have to be made the next year in May.

Without membership, the charge for a single emergency ambulance response is currently over $800, that is per incident . Membership in this program is only $4 a month for the whole household for Pawhuska Utility customers; and is included on the electric, water, sewer and trash utility bill.

Currently, more than 200,000 households participate in an Ambulance Membership Program throughout Oklahoma. This plan provides peace of mind and protects each household member no matter how many times they have to call for help.

The City of Pawhuska Utilities Department is located at 118 West Main Street in Pawhuska City Hall and can be reached at (918) 287-3040.

The information in this article has been available at the City of Pawhuska Utilities office since March, 2014.



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