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  • Casey’s General Store

    Casey’s General Store to Open in April

    The construction site is busy and Casey’s General Store’s latest addition to Pawhuska, Oklahoma nears completion.

    I checked with Casey’s earlier about the opening date for their new store. The best information I could get from them set the last week in Apri for their opening.

    You can check out more information about our newest neighbor at

  • Thank You Veterans

    This Saturday, November 11th 2017, is the national holiday of Veteran’s Day.

    Let’s all take a few minutes to honor those who are putting their lives on the line to maintain our freedom.

    A very special thank you to each and everyone of you who serve in the Armed Forces of these United States.

    We are proud of your service. You are in our prayers.


    For more about Veteran’s Day as a national holiday, click here.


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